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Lida is a manufacturer of camp house, container house, prefab house, and other temporary buildings

Flat Pack Container House
Lida Flat Pack Container House is steel-frame structure, consisted with roofing frame, corner pillar and floor frame. All parts are prefabricated in factory and installed in site.

Based on modular standard container house, container house can be grouped in horizontal and vertical. Flexible in layout and prefabricated to achieve different function purpose


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Detailed  Specification

container 1.5mm corrugated steel sheet, 2.0mm steel sheet, column, steel keel, insulation, floor decking
Type 20ft: W2438*L6058*H2591mm (2896mm is also available)40ft: W2438*L12192*H2896mm
Ceiling and Wall inside decoration board 1) 9mm bamboo-wood fiberboard 2) gypsum board
Door 1) steel single or double door2) PVC/Aluminum glass sliding door
Window 1) PVC sliding (up and down) window2) Glass curtain wall
Electric units CE, UL, SAA certificate are available


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