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Lida Group is a professional manufacturer of Modular House, Office Containers, Prefab house, Container Camp, and Steel structure building in China.

Introduction of Lida Military Camp(Army Camp)
Lida Integrated Camps are widely used in General Contracting projects, Oil and gas field projects, Hydroelectric Projects, Military projects, mining sector projects, and so on, which are intended for short- and long-term site mobilization.

Lida Military Camp (Army Camp) is designed to deliver the most appropriate and economical solution in terms of prefabricated house buildings, container house building, or both production systems in line, which need to take the time, cost, site location, client requirements, and government regulations into consideration.

With comprehensive use of steel structures, prefab houses, and container houses, Lida Group will offer you a one-stop service solution for the military camp(army camp).

Lida military camp(army container camp) building is made of light steel as structure and sandwich panels for the wall and roof. Insulation of sandwich panels can be polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool, and fiberglass, which is determined by the demand and environmental requirements.

Lida military camp(army camp) buildings can be assembled several times after one site construction is finished, and installed easily and cost-effectively.


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We can offer turnkey operation for your site that includes planning&designing, material processing, installation and other construction material supply.

Specification 1) 20ft: 6055*2435*2896mm
2) 40ft: 12192*2435*2896mm
3) Roof Type: Flat roof with organized internal water-draining design
4) Storey:  ≤3
Design parameter 1) Life span: up to 20years
2) Floor Live load: 2.0KN/m2
3) Roof Live load: 0.5KN/m2
4) Wind load: 0.6KN/m2
5) Earthquake-resistance: Grade 8, Fire-proof: Grade 4
Wall panel 1) Thickness: 75mm fiberglass sandwich panel, effective width: 1150mm
2) Exterior steel sheet (standard configuration): Corrugated 0.4mm       Aluminum-zinc color steel sheet, PE finishing coat, Color: white, Aluminum-zinc thickness≥40g/m2
3) Insulation layer (standard configuration): 75mm Fiberglass, density≥50kg/m3, Fire-proof standard: grade A non-flammable
4) Interior steel sheet(standard configuration): Flat 0.4mm Aluminum-zinc color steel sheet, PE finishing coat, Color: white, Aluminum-Zinc thickness≥40g/m2

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