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Container houses have become a popular choice for people looking for affordable and sustainable housing solutions.

Container houses have become a popular choice for people looking for affordable and sustainable housing solutions. These houses are made from shipping containers that are no longer in use. They are transformed into comfortable living spaces that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the owner. In this article, we will explore the benefits of a customized container house.


Detailed  Specification

Welding container 1.5mm corrugated steel sheet, 2.0mm steel sheet, column, steel keel, insulation, floor decking


20ft: W2438*L6058*H2591mm (2896mm is also available)40ft: W2438*L12192*H2896mm

Ceiling and Wall inside decoration board

1) 9mm bamboo-wood fiberboard2) gypsum board


1) steel single or double door2) PVC/Aluminum glass sliding door


1) PVC sliding (up and down) window2) Glass curtain wall


1) 12mm thickness ceramic tiles (600*600mm, 300*300mm)2) solid wood floor3) laminated wood floor

Electric units

CE, UL, SAA certificate are available

Sanitary units

CE, UL, Watermark certificate are available
Furniture Sofa, bed, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, table, chair are available

One of the main advantages of a customized container house is its affordability. The cost of a container house is significantly lower than that of a traditional house. This is because the materials used to build the house are readily available and inexpensive. Moreover, the construction time is much shorter, which reduces labor costs. Customization allows the owner to choose the materials and features that fit their budget.

Another benefit of a customized container house is its sustainability. The use of recycled materials reduces the environmental impact of the construction process. Additionally, container houses are energy-efficient and can be outfitted with renewable energy sources such as solar panels. This means that the owner can save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.


Customization also allows for flexibility in design. Container houses can be designed to fit any style or aesthetic. The owner can choose the layout and finishes that suit their taste. Moreover, container houses can be expanded or modified as the owner's needs change. This means that the house can grow with the owner and adapt to their lifestyle.

Finally, a customized container house is mobile. The house can be easily transported to a new location if the owner decides to move. This makes container houses an excellent option for those who are looking for temporary housing solutions or who want to live in multiple locations.

In conclusion, a customized container office offers numerous benefits, including affordability, sustainability, flexibility, and mobility. With the ability to customize the design and features, container houses can provide a comfortable and unique living experience for their owners.

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