Factory Cheap Price Container House Flat Pack Modular Prefab Container House

Foldable Flat Pack Container is a type of construction with stylish designs and it is made from premium-quality materials. This kind of container-structure prefab house is usually formed by container-size unit and it can be transported easily by standard equipment, which can be relocated anywhere as needed. Besides, it is easy to install and has a wide range of usages.

Flat pack container house is a prefabricated modular building with flexible and diverse designs to optimize temporary modular space. Flat pack container home can expand horizontal and vertical space, which is especially attractive in narrow spaces such as large cities.

The flat pack container house is designed as a light and simple construction, which can be relocated anywhere. Besides, it can be conveniently transported and  easily built up or knocked down with simple tools, which brings great convenience. Furthermore, you can enjoy this high-quality container with competitive price and the perfect service.


Detailed  Specification

Welding container 1.5mm corrugated steel sheet, 2.0mm steel sheet, column, steel keel, insulation, floor decking
Type 20ft: W2438*L6058*H2591mm (2896mm is also available)40ft: W2438*L12192*H2896mm
Ceiling and Wall inside decoration board 1) 9mm bamboo-wood fiberboard2) gypsum board
Door 1) steel single or double door2) PVC/Aluminum glass sliding door
Window 1) PVC sliding (up and down) window2) Glass curtain wall
Floor 1) 12mm thickness ceramic tiles (600*600mm, 300*300mm)2) solid wood floor3) laminated wood floor
Electric units CE, UL, SAA certificate are available
Sanitary units CE, UL, Watermark certificate are available
Furniture Sofa, bed, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, table, chair are available

 The foldable flat-pack container house has the same appearance as the traditional flat-pack container house. The top and bottom frames have been assembled, and the entire wall panel has been assembled in advance. Because all parts are already connected, you only need to expand the package to complete the installation.
In addition, pulleys are added to the side panels and door panels, which can be opened more quickly and save a lot of installation time.

   About installation: It only takes 5-10 minutes to fully assemble a container house with a folding flat-pack container house, while it takes 1-2 hours to assemble a flat-pack container house. Choosing the folding flat-pack container house can save 92% of the installation time, which is a very convenient new product.


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