High Quality Environment Easy Install Portable Foldable Container Expandable House

Are you still struggling to assemble a house?Are you still worrying about the huge labor costs?Are you still struggling to build a house for half a year?Please look at this expandable container house. It only takes three hours to build.

The expandable container house is a type of special designed permanent house.The container houses are manufactured in a factory before being shipped to the destination and all the fittings are all assembled in the factory. Therefore, it can be installed quickly and easily. The expandable house not only can be used for shops, offices, camping houses, but also can be flat granny house, family living house, security cabin and so on.

  The two sides of the expandable container house are collapsible and unfoldable, and he has the wall panels, which he folds together with the foundation, and simply opens up the house to have a small space that becomes a big house, one side as a living room and a kitchen, the other side as bedroom,can be one or two bedroom according to client requirements.Electricity distribution for the expandable container house has been prefabricated in the walls and roof.

  You only need 3 hours to complete the expandable container house, in the process of building can let the family into the process, it is equivalent to a collective activity organized by family members, we work together to complete, the whole process is simple and happy, enhance the relationship, but also have a strong sense of honor and disgrace and the expandable container house to build the sense of achievement.You only need to spend a small amount of money to complete the house decoration, because the water and electricity of the expandable container house have been completed in advance in the factory, you can use the money saved for additional decoration, or buy a favorite gift for your lover, or a happy holiday.

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