Lida Group 2023 Annual Conference and 30th Anniversary Celebration Successfully Concluded


In the past year, the industry has changed rapidly and the market competition is fierce. Under the care and leadership of all the leaders, we have overcome all obstacles and overcome obstacles. Mr. Wang of the group came to the stage to give an annual summary for 2022 and explain the development plans of various departments in 2023.

  2022 is a year full of challenges and opportunities. Although affected by the epidemic this year, Lida Group has grown against the trend and achieved outstanding results. Behind the glory is a group of people who are silently paying. They are full of enthusiasm. While they are doing their job well, they use their actions and strength to inspire everyone and set an example for other employees!

  Five-year merit award

  Ten-year merit award

  Fifteen-year merit award

   Twent-year merit award

   Thirty-year merit award

   Production Model award

  Sales Elite award

   Best Service award

  Best Newcomer award

Lida’s development platform has been set up, we are ready to go, resolute and firm, dare to think and do. The Lida platform has gathered countless young people with dreams. Under the leadership of Mr. Mu, we are upright and upright, do things conscientiously, and move forward with unity.

Mr. Mu expresses his feelings, recalling the glorious past and reviewing the development process of Lida since its establishment to the present. There are laughter, tears, joy and pride in the process…

Gather strength with confidence and write a splendid chapter with hard work. 2023 will surely be the year of reform, innovation and forge ahead. A new journey has been pointed out, and a new battle has begun. The blueprint has been drawn, the war drum has sounded, Tiejun will live up to its mission, write a new chapter, and jointly create a better tomorrow for Lida.
Thirty years of development, 30 years of spanning, turning the tide, strategizing, pioneering, and bravely climbing the peak, this is the 30 years when Lida people are united and striving to become stronger.

After the dinner began, Mr. Mu and Mr. Qu raised their glasses together to start the next 30 years of Lida!


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