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Lida Construction Site Labor Camp building is made of light steel as structure and sandwich panels for wall and roof. Insulation of sandwich panel can be polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool and fiber glass, which is determined by the demand and environment requirements.

The folding container house is use Fire proof IEPs sandwich wall panel and 100% foldable,100% fire proof and 100% waterproof design.Within 4 minutes can install one house.7 days can build a city.

This folding container house is the most hot sale type product, as a fast deploy accommodation for company worker in the city.only need 4 minutes can finish installation, very easy and fast.

 Detailed  Specification

Welding container 1.5mm corrugated steel sheet, 2.0mm steel sheet, column, steel keel, insulation, floor decking


20ft: W2438*L6058*H2591mm (2896mm is also available)40ft: W2438*L12192*H2896mm

Ceiling and Wall inside decoration board

1) 9mm bamboo-wood fiberboard2) gypsum board


1) steel single or double door2) PVC/Aluminum glass sliding door


1) PVC sliding (up and down) window2) Glass curtain wall


1) 12mm thickness ceramic tiles (600*600mm, 300*300mm)2) solid wood floor3) laminated wood floor

Electric units

CE, UL, SAA certificate are available

Sanitary units

CE, UL, Watermark certificate are available
Furniture Sofa, bed, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, table, chair are available

As the adventage of quick assembly,convenient storage and transportation, folding container house is suitable for labour camp accommodation,site office,kitchen,storeage,container shop,refugee home,etc.

About the advantages of the folding container house

1.Industry advantages
Compared with the civil building, easy construction, low cost, time-saving,labor saving and convenient transportation

2.Reliable structure

All the steel structures of folding container house are galvanized & bake-painted, normally can use for more than 50 years

4.Technical advantages

For folding container house is 100% folding, opened is a completed house;4 min install 1 house! can be connected to each other and make larger room.

5.Performance advantages

Folding container house has a good Fire proof, water proof, corrosion-resistance, sound-insulating, performance.It cans resist heavy wind of 120km/h and 8 grade earthquakes.

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